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Berber Bike Ride


The high altitude deserts of Morocco are a mountain biking paradise. Cycle through expansive orange deserts spotted with green oases to ancient adobe cities. Climb into the highlands of the legendary Atlas mountains and descend into valleys lined with date palms. Each day in Morocco is action packed full of worthy climbs, satisfying descents, and panoramic views.

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Located on the north-westernmost stretch of Africa and a gateway to Europe, Morocco is one of the most vibrant cultural and commercial crossroads of the continent. In the saddle explore Morocco's rugged hills and valleys of the Atlas Mountains. Venture into these highlands inhabited by the Berbers and be delighted by their proud traditions that have been passed down for millennia.

Roll and pedal up and down the sea of red massifs and take in the captivating views of snow-capped peaks just a few miles further from the unforgiving desert, a contrasting picture of unparalleled beauty.

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Our Morocco bike rides are perfect for the Spring and Autumn seasons, in fact almost the whole year except July & August where the temperatures are too high.

Our standard itinerary can be made longer or shorter according to your requirements.


To enjoy this trip, it’s important that you’re both confident and competent in riding a bicycle. An e-bike option is available. There are some long inclines, so a good level of cycling fitness is required. You always have the option to use the included support vehicle at any time for your comfort.

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Beyond the Azgour plateau, we mount our bikes to start a stunning bike tour around Mount Toubkal. Throughout our journey we will discover the beautiful landscapes of the north slopes of the Western High Atlas, and across Toubkal national park, enjoying traditional Berber villages, valleys, canyons. This is your chance to see how Berber families and culture have grown in the beautiful surrounding of the high atlas.



Day 1: Arrive Marrakesh

Day 2:
Marrakech - El Khmis Tizguine to Tnirt

Biking Distance: 42km
Elevation Gain: 1400m, Loss 400 m

Day 4:
Amizmiz to Ouirgan.

Biking Distance: 55 km
Elevation Gain: 1550m, Loss: 1100m

Day 3:
Tnirt to Amizmiz

Biking Distance: 52km
Elevation Gain: 900, Loss 1200m

Day 5:
Ouirgane to Armed

Biking Distance: 42 km
Elevation Gain: 1800m, Loss: 800m

Day 6:
Armed to Asni - Marrakech

Biking Distance: 45 km
Elevation Gain: 1000m, Loss: 1400m

Day 1: Monday


Bike fitting & briefing

Day  2: Tuesday

Moshi - Sanyaa Juu

52km / 600m elevation gain

Day 3: Wednesday

Sanyaa Juu - West Kilimanjaro  

45 Km / 650m elevation gain

Day 4: Thursday

West Kilimanjaro - Kamwanga

55 Km: 1,100m elevation gain

Day 5: Friday

Kamwanga - Lake Chala

88 Km: 600m elevation gain

Day 6: Saturday

Rest Day

Day 7: Sunday

Lake Chala - Marangu

50 Km: 700m elevation gain

Day 8: Monday

Marangu - Moshi

Including cultural tour

55 Km

Day 9: Tuesday


What's included?

Minimum 2 riders per group

  • Accommodation in Marrakesh, 2 nights

  • ​Accommodation in local guest houses on the ride

  • 3 Meals per day

  • Local crew

  • All transfers and sightseeing as per the itinerary

  • English- speaking Cycling Guides

  • Supporting crew, supporting truck and our own kitchen staff.

  • Bike rental available

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For more information regarding private groups

Please contact us below!

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