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Bolivia Climbing

Altitude - 5,400m (17,716ft)

Grading Level - D3/E3 (click HERE to find out more about our grading)

Best months to go: May - October

Access to the main ranges is straight forward and sometimes ridiculously quick. From downtown La Paz (Bolivia’s capital) it is possible to climb a 6000m peak return in a day.

All this makes Bolivia one of the most cost effective mountaineering destinations in the world. If you enjoy being in the mountains and getting up high peaks it is possible to climb many classic routes in a relatively short period of time.

Scale the Bolivian Andes with unequalled landscapes and unique settings while you push yourself to new and exciting heights!

Bolivia boasts some of the highest peaks in the Andes Cordilleras, which means it also comes with the best high-altitude climbing you can imagine!

Climbing in Bolivia can be an extraordinary experience, especially if you are looking to refine your climbing and mountaineering skills. These mountains exceed 6,000 meters (19,685 ft) but offer both straightforward climbs to more technical and longer-duration climbs.  


Bolivia has a huge number of mountains over 5000m high spread throughout 4 main ranges. It is possible to climb most of the year with the winter having some of the most stable mountain weather in the world. A variety of climbing is available from big snow and ice ridges and faces to pure rock routes and everything in between.

Bolivia, often compared to Tibet of South America, is a country that offers a varied geographical landscape. Immerse yourself in the high-altitude city of La Paz, where you can roam its bustling streets, explore its most significant squares and points of interest. Take a trip to Sucre, arguably Bolivia's most picturesque city, and the symbolic core of the nation. It was in Sucre that Bolivia's independence was declared. Although La Paz is the central location for government and treasury activities, Sucre is officially recognized as the capital.

Bolivia is home to more native inhabitants than any other country in the Americas. This offers tourists a unique blend of multicultural experiences, breathtaking natural vistas, and memorable adventures. Despite being minimally affected by mass tourism (although tours of Bolivia deliver extraordinary encounters), those who have the privilege of exploring this country return with high praises for its authentic indigenous customs and awe-inspiring natural beauty.


Day 1: Sunday

Arrival to La Paz and transfer to hotel, overnight in La Paz hotel

Day 2: Monday

La Paz – Copacabana, City Tour, overnight in Copacabana hotel

Day 3: Tuesday

Copacabana – Sun and Moon Islands, back to La Paz, overnight in La Paz hotel

Day 4: Wednesday

La Paz – Tuni Condoriri – Chiarkhota Lagoon, 4,650m, overnight camp

Day 5: Thursday

Austria Peak - 5,340m, overnight camp

Day 6: Friday

Mt Ilusion 5,350m, overnight camp

Day 7: Saturday

Rest Day, overnight camp

Day 8: Sunday

Pequeño Alpamayo - 5,400m, overnight camp

Day 9: Monday

La Paz – Transfer, flight to Uyuni, overnight in Uyuni Desert hotel

Day 10: Tuesday

Uyuni Salar, overnight in Uyuni hotel

Day 11: Wednesday

Transfer out from hotel to airport, back to La Paz Free afternoon, overnight in La Paz hotel

Day 12: Thursday

Uyuni Salar, overnight in Uyuni hotel

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