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Shabbat Above The Clouds!

Enjoy A Peaceful And Restful Shabbos In A Wonderful Location


We have the knowledge and facilities to make most of our adventures Vegetarian Kosher and Shomer Shabbos.



Our delicious menus use only the best fresh food products. All packaged food products are Hechshered, and we are often advised and guided by the leaders of the local Jewish Communities and Chabad.

Our crew includes a Mashgiach to oversee all food preparation, and our trained chefs and cooks prepare hearty meals full of all the main food groups needed whether mountain climbing, trekking, or on safari.

We own full sets of pots and pans, gas burners and BBQ's, plates, bowls, cups & cutlery in each country we operate. These are all securely stored and only used for our Kosher groups.
(NB. We do not carry any Kosher Certifications)

Enjoy a fully Shomer Shabbos. All challenges and tours will reach the evenings overnight camp, hotel or lodge by 4pm on Friday. From that moment all participants are free to start their preparation for Shabbos.
Washing facilities will be available. Camp will be set up with an Eruv according to Rabbinic instructions. Lights will be placed around camp to light the way during the night. Lights will also be placed in toilet tents and mess tent for convenience.
All food for Shabbos (Dinner, Breakfast & Lunch) will be carefully prepared before Shabbos comes in and stored ready to enjoy. 
  • Kabbalat Shabbos will begin as the sun sets
  • Kiddush recited under a million stars
  • Shabbat morning services start a leisurely day full relaxation and socialising
  • Havdallah will mark the end of a very special Shabbos spent in a very special setting

Pray in
Amazing Settings

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