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The village of Mahoma is located on the outskirts of Moshi town, in the foothills of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, mainly populated by the Chaga Tribe.

Mahoma Primary School has around 230 pupils from the Chaga Tribe, from ages 5 to 13. Children bursting with talent, pure happiness and a passion for learning.

The majority of our East African crew are from this tribe, originating from Mahoma and studied at this elementary school. Now, many of their children learn there.


We are committed to supporting this fantastic elementary school and the children that are so important to our crew and their families.


We have pledged, in coordination with the school Education Officers and the Village Committee Members, to regularly support Mahoma Primary School with a percentage of our profits.

In addition to that, we are raising funds for the following: 

  • To provide the children with books and stationery for their daily studies.

  • Sports equipment for break times. 

  • To rebuild their toilet block, that is falling down and insufficient. 

  • Aquire and renovate a small playground area for the children to enjoy during their break times. 

Any amount will help these children who so urgently need our help. 

Take a look down below at our GoFundMe page


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