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As part of our business operation, we can work closely with charities to produce a 3-year challenge event strategy, rather than delivering a singular event. The support we offer is an extension to your events team, providing insight and the right event products for your specific organisation to help you achieve your objectives and fundraising targets. Not forgetting the huge importance of event delivery, we will ensure all your participants have a fantastic event experience to maximise engagement and retention levels. This way of working creates a win-win outcome for both organisations and therefore a long term solution to build your challenge events portfolio


With years of experience in charity challenge events fundraising, our team is here to help you maximise the success of your challenge. This would involve tailoring events to meet your specific objectives whilst using market insight, current adventure travel trends and ethical & sustainable products to give your event the best opportunity to succeed whilst also increasing brand awareness.


Sporting event fundraising is an extremely competitive marketplace, with new challenges constantly being introduced, whether it be running, swimming, walking or triathlon style events. Our team are well-versed in the challenge events market and are frequently devising new challenges to keep abreast of current market trends, together with helping to increase participant retention rates.

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