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Tanzania Excursions

Whether you are in Tanzania to climb Mt Kilimanjaro or to enjoy a Safari, we have some other great adventures for you whilst in this amazing country.  


Kikuletwa Hot Springs

This day trip takes you to an idyllic oasis – a beautiful geothermal spring, better known as “Maji Moto” (Swahili for hot water).

The hot springs are situated in an oasis near the village Chemka, fed by an underground river from the Kilimanjaro National Park 60 km to the north. On a clear day you will have exceptional views of Mount Kilimanjaro and its peaks.

The area is surrounded by very old and huge trees and is like a natural green resort in the African steppe. Bathing in the warm and crystal clear water is very much recommended and save – there are also rubber rings for non swimmers.

The Maji Moto area is well maintained and clean, it is managed by the local Chemka village community.

Several small bars and shops (run by the local villagers) offer Swahili dishes and cool drinks.


Ol Doinyo Lengai


Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano, altitude 2960 meters (9711 feet), is a unique and extremely fascinating volcano that towers above the East African Rift Valley in Northern Tanzania, just south of Lake Natron. It is the only volcano in the world that sometimes erupts natrocarbonatite lava, a highly fluid lava that contains almost no silicon.


This active volcano is a holy spot for the Maasai. In fact, its name literally means ‘Mountain of God’ in the Maasai language. Maasai from both Tanzania and Kenya who practice their traditional religion come here to offer sacrifice to the god.


The climbs start in the very early hours to avoid the scorching sun. The path to the top is without shade and vegetation, making it a hot and dusty trek

The trek up to the crater is an exceptionally demanding climb of around 1700m (5600 ft). The trek starts at midnight or shortly after so you can walk during the cool hours and reach the summit by dawn. This is an active volcano and lava flows are common.

It’s a truly unusual destination for those who really want to get off the beaten path

Chugga Culture Tour, Coffee Making & Waterfall Experience


The Chagga area is situated in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, and offers visitors a rare insight into the local culture and coffee production process right in the heart of the Materuni village. As Materuni village is so close to Moshi town, it is an ideal option for those visitors who would like to experience the culture, nature and beauty that this region of Tanzania has to offer.

Chagga Cultural Tour

Chagga Underground Caves, built by the Chagga to keep them safe from the Masai who, in earlier times, migrated up the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro to enslave or kill them. We’ll spend a fascinating hour or so at the Chagga Museum, an outdoor space which will give you further insight into traditional Chagga life. The wandering goats lend some added authenticity!


Coffee Making

Marangu is a coffee country, and the beans are locally grown, blended and roasted. You’ll learn how the locals grow, harvest and process their coffee beans that grow in this perfect climate. You’ll even get the chance to try your hand at roasting and preparing your own cup of lovely, fresh coffee.


Kinukamori Waterfall

Kinukamori is located in Chagga land in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. The crystal clear water that flows from the natural springs of the volcanic rocks makes it one of the best sights in the region to visit before trying for Kilimanjaro. It takes 20 minutes to hike to Kinukamori. Along the way you will pass thru beautiful forest and down some steep steps to the river leading to the waterfall. It is a great place for swimming and relaxing.

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