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International Fundraising Challenges

The main purpose of an International Fundraising Challenge is to create another source of revenue for a Charity that may not have been previously explored. An International Challenge will appeal to people who wish to take part in an overseas trip that pushes them completely out of their comfort zone. It can be marketed to existing donors but also advertised to new potential donors.


Each participant requests sponsorship money from friends, business colleagues and family in order to raise funds for the charity's services. They either cover the cost of their trip themselves, or pay for it out of their sponsorship donations. If the participant covers the cost personally, more money is raised for the charity.


The monies raised can be allocated to a specific stand-alone project or allocated to the charity's general revenue. 


A Challenge has the added advantage of raising awareness of the charity and its services to a brand new group of potential donors. 


The participants undertaking the Challenge bring in new donors by contacting their own circle of colleagues, friends and family for sponsorship. They also provide information to their donor about the charity, which creates further awareness.


The event is publicised by the charity to their own network and via social media.  The trip is made more enjoyable by encouraging some beneficiaries of the charity to participate on the Challenge. This enables the participants to experience the charity's work first-hand and allows them to feel fully integrated, leading to them feeling a real investment in the charity and allows a longer and meaningful relationship to be built between donors and the charity.   

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