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How to prepare for your adventure

Training & 
Remote Coaching

What should you do?

If you’re planning to climb a mountain, hit a trail or take up any of our challenging trips, you may be wondering how to train properly for it, especially if, like many people, you haven’t done this type of thing before.


To find out more about how to train for one of our adventures

How should you do it?

You should start with small-ish distances and work up to the length you’ll be hiking on your trip. To start, leave a day in between each walk to let your body recover. But as you get fitter, try to do back-to-back sessions each day, it’ll help build your stamina. Ideally, you want to be able to walk 4-6 hours before your adventure.


Your fitness shouldn't only be based on your cardiovascular endurance, you need to be strong too. You need powerful legs to carry you up a mountain or along a trail, a capable core to support your backpack and strong arms to support you as you use poles. Therefore, it is essential to include full body resistance training into your routine to reduce the risk of injury.


Rest and recovery is essential to allow our bodies to build up the strength, power and endurance we need to climb mountains. So take at least one to two full rest days per week, and if you have the time then incorporate some recovery practices on these days such as stretching and mobility work

For a copy of our 16 week generic
mountain & hike fit training plan


How we can help!

Bespoke training plans & remote coaching

Remote Coaching

We work with clients all around the world, offering bespoke training packages and remote coaching.

Enabling our clients to reach their full fitness potential in the lead up to their Adventure or just for improving their general strength and fitness.


What we can do for you

-    Improve cardiovascular health 
-    Increase
-    Maximise functional strength 
-    Optimise explosive power
-    Develop core strength

-    Work on stability and balance 
-    Build muscle tone 
-    Adjust diet
-    Improve general wellbeing
-    Advance hikin

How we do this:

 4-week daily training plan, updated monthly
-    Goal specific cardio sessions, progressive
-    Detailed strength sessions, progressive
-    Specialist bodyweight exercise session plans
-    Connection on Strava to check and track workouts 
-    Monthly call to discuss and update plan
-    Constant contact available via email and WhatsApp 

-    Advice and guidance on nutrition 


For more information about how we can help you with 
Remote Coaching and a Bespoke Training Plan
contact us on:



To find out more about training for one of our adventures, with exercise suggestions,
read our blog:

'Exercising For A Mountain Or Trek'

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