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Mt Kilimanjaro
Summit Hike


“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.” 

― Barry Finlay, Kilimanjaro and Beyond


Altitude - 5,895m (19,340ft)

Grading Level - T4 (click HERE to find out more about our grading)

Best months to go: January - December 

Whether you’ve been dreaming of climbing Kilimanjaro for years, or have just recently decided to make the trek, we are here to help you summit Uhuru Peak! Kilimanjaro is a challenging and life changing experience that will provide a lifetime of incredible memories.

Our itineraries are designed for the best possible altitude acclimatisation

Plenty of time to rest and relax


Walking between 4 and 8hrs per day

Each night is spent in a different camp

We ascend higher during the day then descend towards camp, making rest and sleep easier

Rest and snack stops during the day

Experience the changing Ecosystems

Lowlands: Between 790 - 1,800 meters, this is the subtropical area located just above the Serengeti plains. An area with heavier rainfall, its vegetation is dominated by banana, coffee, and other plants grown as crops.

Rainforest: Between 1,800 - 2,800 meters, this is a subtropical rainforest rich with plant and animal life. The widest variety of flowering plants grow in this zone.

Moorland and Heath: Between 2,800 - 4,000 meters, this area has less vegetation and is dominated by a few plant and animal species, including groundsels, lobelias, heather, and tree moss. Trees disappear above 4,000 meters.

High Alpine Desert: Between 4,000 - 5,000 meters, this arid, semi-desert zone has no trees and few plants. Sage grass, hearty helichrysum flowers, moss, and thistles are common there.

Arctic Summit: Above 5,000 meters, this is an arid zone with intense sunlight, thin air, and heavy snow and ice at times. Few to no plants grow there.

Summiting is a special experience. 

Once you’ve taken your summit photo, it’s time to start the descent.

Oxygen levels at the top are approx. 40% so we can’t stay too long!



Prize Badge



Starting elevation


Umbwe Route

7 days on the mountain (including rest, acclimatisation day)


Starting elevation


Lemosho Route

9 days on the mountain (including rest, acclimatisation day)


Starting elevation 2,364m

Rongai Route

7 days on the mountain (including rest, acclimatisation day)

Open Group Trip Dates

20th - 29th May
19th - 28th August
9th - 18th December 

Safari extensions available on all trips

If you have some extra time

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We know you must have lots of questions...

Check out our Kilimanjaro FAQ's!

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For more information regarding private group climbs

Please contact us below!

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