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We are available to work with you in formulating an event strategy to maximize the productivity of the partnership, together with developing your participant’s engagement and supporting their fundraising. We are fully experienced in integrating with a charities objectives to provide strategic, long-term fundraising benefits.


  • We have the knowledge and skills be your all in one Challenge Department

  • We take the burden off of your resources

  • We can recommend suitable challenge events to meet your charity’s goals using current market & travel trends

  • We are able to tweak an existing event to ensure the

      challenge is bespoke to your charity, including Kashrut and Shabbat

  • We can create a new event or event series which could be titled with your charity or corporate partners. This could be used as a marketing vehicle to help launch, spread the word and work of your charity, or corporate partnership

  • We will advise you on marketing the challenge to your current database as well as to new sponsors and donors

  • You will be supported every step of the way from event design & concept, strategy planning, recommendations, project managing and marketing through to event delivery, analytics and reporting.

  • We will be the contact point for all potential participant and will answer as many questions as needed to engage a potential challenge participant

  • Your fundraising participants will be supported from the moment they make their first enquiry to the time they step off the plane after the challenge itself

  • Along with our challenge logistics partner, we can provide a tailored website displaying both the charity and/or corporate logo and messaging. This website can host registrations and payments together with creating personal password protected account areas where participants can download all the information they need for the challenge

  • We provide images and video footage for your promotional needs

  • We host presentations, information sessions and webinars to help with participant recruitment

  • On the challenge itself, our group Leader will be fully briefed about the charity and corporate partnership and will act as ambassadors for your partnership and communicate any key messages you require



We are able to create, organize and lead high quality and safe challenges both in all corners of the globe. We have worked with a variety of charities and corporates. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent events which have been adapted to meet the specific goals and objectives of our charity and corporate partners. Our specialised team can support your event planning and delivery every step of the way with strong attention to detail, professionalism and fantastic customer service.

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